That of cheeses is a very wide universe, made up of raw materials, different textures, different processing and aging, and more delicate or decidedly stronger scents. There are in fact fresh cheeses, medium-aged cheeses, aged cheeses and blue cheeses. Each then, can be enjoyed alone or in the preparations of first courses, main courses or as an end to a meal.
Which wines to pair with cheeses? Starting with fresh stringy cheeses, a particularly apt wine might be a rosé or a light, fresh red. With a fresh cow's ricotta or goat's milk cheese we will opt for aromatic or semi-aromatic wines, while for sheep's milk cheeses, depending on their level of aging, we can opt for red wines of good structure but gentle in tannin.
Finally, blue cheeses are characterized by the presence of mold, which creates a spicy sensation in the mouth. The wine softens this sensation and does so with a high alcohol content and a good sugar level. Meditation wines, even botrytized ones, are perfect.

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