Trebbiano Dell'Emilia Camillo Donati 2023
Trebbiano Dell'Emilia Camillo Donati 2023
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Trebbiano Dell'Emilia Camillo Donati 2023

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Camillo Donati has two vineyards in afitto since 2004 raised in Trebbiano, both Tuscan and Romagnolo. The vines are those of Ovid and that of Bottazza. The first was implanted in 1968. Just in 2004, Camillo decided to approach for the first time the vinification of this grape; the results are more than satisfactory for himself, which overcomes the perplexities about the vine that is always little considered, and notes how nature can be satisfying when one approaches with humility and profound respect. The result is a wine that is not surprising, nice, graceful and at the same time with strong and well-defined aromas and flavors.

Camillo Donati

Camillo Donati

Camillo Donati is one who respects nature as first principle. The history of its vineyards begins with his grandfather and the with the need to feed the family in the early twentieth century. Camillo Donati grows in the vineyards and begins immediately to take care of them, knowing the difficulties, but loving the environment. Its vineyards are found in Arola, Low Parma, the places of great salami. Camillo begins his vigneron path along with the family friend Ovidio in order to keep intact the practices of the cellar and the tradition of the wines of Emilia. Today it is a biological and biodynamic viticulture, all the processes are made by hand, as well as the sparkling wine that is made by natural fermentation in bottles. A tradition that can only continue with true respect for nature and its fruits.


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