Kurni Oasi Degli Angeli 2021
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Kurni Oasi Degli Angeli 2021

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The company is located in Cupramarittima, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, managed by Marco Casolanetti and his wife Eleonora Rossi, who passionately gave life to a wine that many consider to be among the best Italian wines. Rosso IGT Kurni is produced with 100% Montepulciano grapes. The very low production per hectare, at most 2 bunches of grapes are left per vine, makes the wine very rich in pigments, the grapes are very healthy and at the same time sugary. Fermentation with maceration on the skins continues until in early December, making sure to use both stainless steel and wooden barrels based on the evolution of musts. After that, we proceed to the assembly of the various lots in new oak barrels for 10 months and here the only intervention will be the repeated batonnages to make the wine load with tannin, aromas and longevity. After the first period in barriques, it follows a second one always making a scrupulous use of new wood.

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Oasi Degli Angeli

Oasi degli Angeli

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