Oslavje Radikon 2018 0,5 L
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Oslavje Radikon 2018 0,5 L

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This now famous company is located in the heart of the Collio. Oslavia ridge that from the bridge of the Isonzo ascends towards San Floriano. It is about hectares of vineyards near the company headquarters and set on steep slopes. The treatment is reduced to the minimum necessary of natural products and therefore is not synthetic product, such as herbicides, systemic phytosanitary products, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, stored in boxes and brought to the cellar. Fermentation occurs spontaneously only with the yeasts already present on the grapes. When the alcoholic fermentation ends, the peoples are more pushed up by the carbon dioxide that the fermentation produces and settles gradually on the bottom. The long macerations involve a greater extraction as well as the alcohol and for this reason.

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