Chiodo Simone Capecci 2020
Chiodo Simone Capecci 2020
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Chiodo Simone Capecci 2020

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It is with pride that we present this complete and authoritative wine. Its name is what the Romans used to call our territory: the fifth region of the Empire. It was born from the special selection of Montepulciano grapes aged for five years between wood and glass, until obtaining a wine that stands out for its elegance, power of structure, for its formidable organoleptic characteristics and for its great vocation for aging. First presented in 2004, it immediately received international recognition.

Simone Capecci

Simone Capecci

The company Capecci was born in 1988, when Vincenzo Capecci decided to bottle for the first time the cask wine that had always sold since the early twentieth century. Since 2000, Simone Capecci has been involved in the life of the company, cultivating and selling with passion. San Savino is located in Ripatransone, in a beautiful valley and around the farm are also the vineyards planted mainly for sheep and goat, with a good percentage of Sangiovese and Montepulciano. The current market demands more and more fresh white and young whites wine, but it is on the reds that the company overtakes istelf, processing from the clay soils of the real muscular wine but at the same time fragrant. The company counts today about 25 hectares of vines.

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