Bianco Testalonga Antonio Perrino L/22
Bianco Testalonga Antonio Perrino L/22
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Bianco Testalonga Antonio Perrino L/22

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In one of the most beautiful and suggestive areas of Liguria, Antonio Perrino vinifies a Vermentino in purity by minimizing the use of substances in the vineyard and letting the grapes and the vintage express with fermentations on indigenous yeasts. The refinement in small exhausted barrels does not change the taste in the bottle. It's not an easy wine but if you know how to readit it gives emotions. Worth the wait for the chalice and the time it takes to let it open.

Antonio Perrino

Cellar Antonio Perrino


Antonio Perrino is probably the first producer of this small appellation. In the town of Dolceacqua, where time seems to stand still, almost all the inhabitants possess a small particle of Vineyard and the Antonio's is undoubtedly the oldest. Two hectares and a little more, the vineyard and a microcellar (7 barrels for all production) within the country summarize the Testalonga company. The wine in the bottle instead is the result of 50 harvests all experienced differently, but all carried out with the same gestures and the same ideas. Because of this we can now define Antonio Perrino as one of the most authentic wine producer ' normal 'in Italy


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