Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle Vevey Albert 2023
Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle Vevey Albert 2023
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Blanc De Morgex Et De La Salle Vevey Albert 2023

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Vallèe d'Aoste - Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle D.O.C. it is a dry white wine, of particular value, and of great rarity. The Maison Vevey Albert is located right on the slopes of Mont Blanc and the vineyard from which this mountain wine is made is entirely cultivated with Prié Blanc Biotype "Blanc de Morgex", with ungrafted vines at 1200 meters above sea level, cultivated in traditional stone and wood pergolas. The Vevey brothers manage these vineyards at the altitude limit as carefully as possible (among the highest vineyards in Europe), intervening as little as possible on the ecosystem and looking for a unique purity in the cellar. In fact, this product is not filtered before bottling so as not to take away any of its characteristics.

Vevey Albert

Vevey Albert

The company Maison Vevey Albert founded in 1968 by Albert Vevey, pioneer of the Valdostan viticulture, has been run since 1990 by his sons Mario and Mirko.
Located in the upper Valle d'Aosta, on the slopes of Mont Blanc, the company has very limited dimensions: the area under vines is just over 1 ha and the production is

only 7,000 bottles / year of "Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle". Vevey brothers derive their "Blanc", at the limit of the vegetative belt for the vine, at an altitude of

over 1000-1100 s.l.m., in the "highest vineyards of Europe". The grapes, as per specification, come exclusively from the Vine Prié Blanc, which is autochthonous and

frank of foot, cultivated on traditional pergolas in stone and wood. The company has always adhered to community programs for environmentally friendly agriculture.
The distribution at national level takes place directly to the customer or through wine shops and restaurants, at the international market level the company is

currently represented by its importers in the United States, Japan, England, and Belgium.

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