Riesling Rausch Auslese Goldkapsel Zilliken 2011
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Riesling Rausch Auslese Goldkapsel Zilliken 2011

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This family-run business dates back 260 years ago. Today, the activity is in the hands of Hanno Zilliken, who, after studying oenology, replaced his father first in the cellar and then, since 1981, in the entire management of the company. The 11 hectares of estate, almost all located in the famous Saarburger Rausch area, are cultivated exclusively to Riesling with modern techniques aimed at achieving the highest possible quality. The wines that come out of it are almost all belonging to the band, that goes well with the various types of sweets (Spätlese, Auslese, Auslese Goldkapsel, etc.), as in the tradition of the Saar.

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Geltz Zilliken

Geltz zilliken

The winery works with Nature, not against her. And for many years now, Nature has blessed the Saar with ideal conditions: a cool climate and a long fruit set. Even in an age of global warming and an increasing number of grand Saar vintages, they continue to enjoy one of the longest fruit sets when compared with our colleagues in southern regions. Zilliken believes in a slow, steady ripening is the key to exceptional aromatics.

They consciously limit our yields in this prized vineyard to a maximum of 50 hl/ha in order to guarantee the best possible complexity and quality.'Quality not quality' is more than just words. It's a philosophy, in fact they believe in it from beginning to end. It guides all decisions. They do one thing — Riesling — and they do it right.

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