Dettori Bianco Tenute Dettori 2019
Dettori Bianco Tenute Dettori 2019
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Dettori Bianco Tenute Dettori 2019

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The Bianco Dettori comes from a Vermentino Storico vineyard in Sorso - Sennori of about 3 ha, with sapling vines and worked in biodynamic. The plants have an average age of 55 years. The grapes are de-stemmed and the wine is made leaving the grapes to macerate and ferment for a period ranging from 3 to 10 days with indigenous yeasts in cement tanks. The grapes refine for two / three years in the same tanks. The wine is not clarified or filtered.

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Tenute Dettori


"If being Homo Sapiens Sapiens means to look but not to observe, to eat but not to taste, to hear but not to listen," to smell an odor "and not to smell ... then I am proud to be just a Homo Sapiens.

I feel like an animal on a par with other animals. Part of the planet Earth and the Universe. I want to be an animal with the minimum rationality essential to my freedom.

That's why I make wine ... it's the method I know to make me feel what I am: instinctively animal. I do not follow the market, I produce wines that please me, wines of my territory, wines of Sennori. They are what they are and not what you want them to be ". Alessandro Dettori - 1998 - Winegrowers, Artisans of Wine and Earth

In the 2008 vintage only 2,000 bottles were produced because of the downy mildew.

While seeing all the grapes disappear in the plant the company has remained faithful to the tradition: do not use poisons.

Better to lose the grapes of a season that pollute the Earth.

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