Arietta Farnea 2017
Arietta Farnea 2017
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Arietta Farnea 2017

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It is said that the name Arietta was chosen for this Merlot for the performance of MArco's dogs. More likely it takes its name from the wind that reaches the valley.

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We start to visit a new winery ... it is at these moments that our work reveals the most fascinating, unusual nuances that you never forget, like the people you meet and the wines they make.
From the village Villa di Teolo, a village of which Italy is full, in which to make it short you do not get there by chance: a church, a bar, some inhabitant on the street with the rhythms of the small village, a place where you it almost seems like you are traveling through time, where the frenetic and crazy rhythms are put in pauses.
An uphill road between some country house and lumberjack at work, and the Farnea farm. To welcome us the long colored and Nina ... the landlady who sniffs you and wagging you away from Marco Buratti.
Marco, the landlord, puts all his philosophy of life in his wine, and immediately feels what at first glance is not noticed. Transparency, genuineness, character and sharing. Yes, sharing, because its not a property but a community. His wines are exactly like him, convivial, frank, sincere, crazy and rigorously balanced at the same time. How is it possible? He tells us his secret. The first taste is Birbo, as the name, young, fresh but even if still in fiberglass already has a strong personality. "But how do you work everything in natural, and how does the process take place?" "It's not because of me that the wine is good, it's him, he does everything, I'm the only thing I do is not to put anything".
The tastings continue, but you immediately feel that this is a memorable visit, there is no tasting room, no glass in a row, no monothematic and predictable speech but a plate of pasta under the pergola, obviously the whole range Farnea from taste while talking about life ... and a bit 'of lives.

About grapevine, his ground climbs in front of the house. The most striking feature is the wild order of nature, as it must be! The vines overlook the valley and the Euganean hills ... a glimpse into which man's intervention is not seen, except in a philosopher's bench in contemplation or by a winemaker who rests, more simply.

Thank you Marco Buratti, for us it was just a moment, a concentrate of frugal, genuine, of substance and healthy fun ... but just a moment. Then you realize that just uncork your wines that we find ourselves all again in the glass. What a great !!!

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