Riesling Qba Trocken Donnhoff 2021
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Riesling Qba Trocken Donnhoff 2021

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Characteristic Riesling from the steep slopes of the Nahe. The vines grow here on volcanic stones, composed in particular with porphyry and Melaphyr, with parts of slate and quartzite. The age of the vines is 15-30 years, with a yield of about 50 hl / ha. Both fermentation and maturation take place in steel and large oak barrels.



Helmut Donnhoff is a living legend. At just 22 years he took over the management of the family, becoming first responsible for winemaking, then holding the estate. It was 1971. In thrirthy years He has succeeded in making Nahe famous, demonstrating how you can produce superb wines of world importance in this region. No one has managed to make the style of the area in its products as much as Helmut Donnhoff, whose wines do not just reflect the vine, but the whole environment from which they come from. He has not only done a lot for Nahe: in the last thirty years his wines, both sweet and dry, have reached even higher quality levels, reaching international fame due to their elegance. The many acknowledgments received by Donnhoff, one of the very few German-made world-wide producers, have brought prestige to the entire wine-growing sector of the country, increasing consideration and respect for German wine-growing. Despite fame and fame, Helmut Donnhoff has remained a man with his feet well anchored to the ground, lover of the passionate music  and of his work, which he does for pure pleasure.
Three are the essential elements that must be present in his cellar: extreme cleaning, time and willingness to understand the requirements of each vintage, each with its various characteristics. For him the decisive factor is only the trend of the vintage : In order to be ready to react at any time to any kind of young wine development, He prepares both tanks and wooden barrels, depending on the year he decides whether to ferment grapes with natural yeasts or give them a Help through selected yeasts. In addition to that,  he has studied a way to always have plants of different ages, a factor that, along with the extraordinary geological variety of the land, gives his wines a very strong character and an unsurpassed elegance.

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