Passito Di Pantelleria Mueggen Salvatore Murana 2014 0,5 L
Passito Di Pantelleria Mueggen Salvatore Murana 2014 0,5 L
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Passito Di Pantelleria Mueggen Salvatore Murana 2014 0,5 L

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The term Mueggen in Pantelleria identifies a particularly isolated and protected place, invisible from the sea. "Mueggen" is also a specific geographical location, one of the most isolated and at the same time the most luxuriant sites of Pantelleria, a real "island on the island", where Salvatore Murana has precious vineyards that surround his famous "guesthouse".
The zibibbo grapes come from the Mueggen area and are harvested in late September. Once selected, the bunches are left to dry for eighteen-twenty-five days. The grapes are then pressed and the must, rich in sugars, fermented at a temperature between 25 ° and 28 °. Subsequently, the wine ages for about 24 - 32 months in steel tanks.

Salvatore Murana

Salvatore Murana

Murana family are winemakers from Pantelleria since 6 generations.

Salvatore Murana has always had a passion for wine, since childhood he breathed, saw, experienced harvest and winemaking.

For six generations of "panteschi" winemakers we dedicate our soul and body, first to the cultivation of Zibibbo grapes and then to their wine production.

The fundamental principle of our family-run company is to assimilate the culture made of respect for our territory and sensitivity for the

dialogue with nature, bringing forward a balanced combination of our rural traditions and innovative oenological skills.

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