Barbacarlo Lino Maga 2020
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Barbacarlo Lino Maga 2020
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Barbacarlo Lino Maga 2020

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Produced on the hills of Broni, in the Oltrepò Pavese, from the vineyard owned by the Maga family since 700, clinging to a hill with a steep slope, the ground is hard, made of tuff and gravel, hit by the sun from southwest. The vines also follow the altitude difference: the croatina at the base of the hill up to half the height, climbing you see the vespina and rare grapes and also a bit of barbera. No chemistry, just a little sulfur for oid, no added yeast and no certification. The natural foam that is more or less present on the basis of vintage is due to a bottle refermentation in which the wine arrives in April / May, when the sugars are not completely exhausted.


Barbacarlo Lino Maga Galli Enoteca Senigallia

The Barbacarlo is produced in a well-defined hill called precisely in register "Barbacarlo". Here vines of Croatina, uva rara and Vespolina variety grow for years, mixed in conventional proportions. The Barbacarlo hill has always been the property of Maga. The land is formed of tufo and rough, with a southwest exposure that allows it to take sun all day. The operations in the vineyard are still carried out manually and they do not use  herbicides or chemicals of any kind. Production is limited and varies from year to year, but generally it is quantitatively scarce. The harvest is carried out with careful selection of the bunches. The grapes are crushed in the cellar where they ferment and they get macerated in old oak barrels. Racking takes place after 7-8 days or so and then making periodic decanting for natural settling. In April-May the product is bottled and the new bottles are put horizontally for 40 days then straightened vertically and sold after 4 months. The Barbacarlo being completely natural and not worked, presents the so-called bottom for this it is recommended not to shake the bottle prior to uncork and drink it. Every year nature gives him his maternal imprint for which every year brings a special charisma. The lively foam is its mandatory property as bottled traditionally in April May following the harvest. The corks we use are the best, the most traditional and not chemically treated; but can sometimes unpleasant surprises. As for the aging Barbacarlo can last 30 years. As for the match, it may want to be in two: "the bottle and the drinker." The ideal temperature for consumption is recommended between 18 and 20 degrees.

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