Verdicchio Classico Bucci F.lli Bucci 2022
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Verdicchio Classico Bucci F.lli Bucci 2022

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The Bucci family has been dealing with agriculture since 1700 and is originally from Montecarotto, one of the Castles of Jesi, in the Marche region.

The farm has an area of about 350 hectares and a diversified production: durum wheat and soft wheat, corn, sugar beets, peas, seed crops, sunflowers.
The Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi DOC vineyards cover about 25 hectares in the Classic DOC area. Over 6 hectares of Montepulciano and Sangiovese red grapes that fall within the Rosso Piceno DOC.

We produce about 700/800 quintals of Verdicchio per year and 300 quintals of Rosso, only with grapes coming from our vineyards, as well as about 20/25 quintals of extra virgin olive oil, only from our own olive trees.

The vinification takes place with soft pressing, controlling the temperature and refreshing the cellar. Only the first pressing of the wine is bottled.

Bucci F.lli

Villa Bucci

The Bucci family has always been famous in the national and international landscape. In fact, its history dates back to 1700, the family is originary from Montecarotto in Marche. Villa bucci has vineyards of verdicchio and vineyards of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, The former counts 25 ha in the classical verdic doc area and the latter counts a surface of 6 hectares of red grapes, which are part of the Doc of the Red Piceno.

The company produces 700/800 quintals of Verdicchio per year and 300 quintals of red, obviously only with grapes coming from their vineyards.

Grape harvesting is manual, to allow a careful selection of the grapes; The cellar is provided with steel barrels for the fermentation of grapes and other barrels that have 100 years of age; These barrels made of Slavonian oak serve for the slow maturation of the wines produced by a perfect micro oxygenation that allows natural evolution and stabilization.

The Verdicchio follows different paths according to the vineyard, in order to keep all the peculiarities intact. The Verdicchio della Cantina Villa Bucci has long received many public consents and many awards from national and international critics.


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