Marche Rosso RossoMato' Valter Mattoni 2017
Marche Rosso RossoMato' Valter Mattoni 2017
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Marche Rosso RossoMato' Valter Mattoni 2017

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The territory of Cupra Marittima is suitable for viticulture and olive growing as it is poor; it is a loose soil, sandy, with a lot of skeleton and it is situated at a height that goes from just over 100 m.s.l.m. and up to 400 meters and the main grape of the area is the Montepulciano. At the turn of the 1800s and 1900s he arrived in the area, thanks to herding (there was an important transhumance line from the Maremma-Tuscia towards the Piceno), the bordò, biotype of the cannonau. The vine is the same that is grown on Lake Trasimeno (where it is still called "gamay del Trasimeno", despite recent studies have assigned it to the family of grenache); the Sardinian shepherds, who spread it in central Italy precisely with their transhumance, called it "burdu" (bastard), precisely because it was derived from cannonau.

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Valter Mattoni

Valter Mattoni

My grandfather Nazzareno when washing his face was careful not to swallow even a drop of water, in fact since he was a boy the only liquid he had sent down was wine,

only wine, peasant wine that was made alone , in times free of professional enotecologists.
My other grandfather Giuseppe also made wine himself and my father Gaspare was not less. Could I stop the tradition? Never!

This is how Valter Mattoni responds to those who ask him why he spent so much time locked up in the cellar, a prisoner of his small and passionate production.

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