Stella Flora Maria Pia Castelli 2019
Stella Flora Maria Pia Castelli 2019
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Stella Flora Maria Pia Castelli 2019

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It is the fruit of an impetus of Pecorino, Passerina, Trebbiano and Malvasia. From the visual examination it is understood that it is a particular wine with antique gold shades thanks to the unusual cellar technique which involves contact with the skins and low use of sulfur dioxide.

Maria Pia Castelli

Maria Pia Castelli Cantina

Maria Pia Castelli is a cellar that looks for quality rather than quantity, the key to read a true relationship with the vine and the terroir. Despite of the young age, they have already reached high production standards that have brought their wines to be appreciated nationally and internationally among the most interesting piceno labels. Founded in 1999 by Erasmo Castelli, the company is led by her daughter, Maria Pia, with her husband, Enrico Bartoletti. To maintain high quality, the cellar rests on 8 hectares of land owned, manual biodynamic processing, and all the craft know-how in the area. Each stage is done by hand, from the vineyard to the barrel. Wines can count on the contribution of French barriques in continuous exchange.

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