Le Fole Cantina Giardino 2017
Le Fole Cantina Giardino 2017
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Le Fole Cantina Giardino 2017

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Cantina Giardino was born with a past as a garage and then became a real wine cellar with the cultivation of about 7 hectares of vineyards in Fiano, Greco di Tufo and Coda di Volpe and with centuries-old vines. The biodiversity and the characterization of the territory is the result of a cultivation distributed in different municipalities of the Irpinia, so that the wine produced exalts its typical characteristics and only belonging to that specific terrain. This young family has always aimed at the maximum representation of the mirror wine of the territory, both with 100% organic agriculture, and more or less long spontaneous macerations to best enhance the trerroir and their work. The Aglianico Le Fole comes from a vineyard with a plant of 1975 of just one and a half hectares. The spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts prepares the wine for a maceration in steel for about 40 days. Then the aging for 6 months in Slavonian oak vats and 6 months in steel.

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Cantina Giardino

Cantina Giardino


The Cantina Giardino project was officially launched in 2003, a story involving six friends who have decided to invest on their own and in their territory: Irpinia.
Irpinia is an area extended to the central-east part of Campania, which has no flows in the sea, where the winter climate is very rigid and where there is the highest presence of historic vineyards (over age 50 ).

The earthquake has depleted this territory and left behind him disasters, but  behind the negative event there is a positive side: no choice has been made, no time to decide to take off the old vineyards, replace them With new clones less representative or worse to replace them with more fashionable international vines.The Political mistakes have changed the landscape for the last twenty years by inculcating the need for innovation and rejuvenation of vineyards. The landscape has changed rapidly but the instinct of conservation of some winemakers, their retrogression in the pursuit That trend, the strong bond with the vineyard of their parents or their grandparents has allowed Cantina Giardinoini, a small reality, to show how the wine produced from historic vineyards can achieve unique complexities and characteristics.

The roots of those plants descend deeply until they reach the mother rock, where a young vineyard can only come after many years and as long as it is not fed by chemical treatments. The lymph that runs through these winding roots, crosses every layer of the soil, nourishes those bunches by bringing unique characteristics.

That is why safeguarding this heritage is the driving force behind the Cantina Giardino, driven to buy two acres of the 1930s in the territory of Montemarano, to take over others and to continue to buy the grapes from those winegrowers who deserve all the respect for having preserved .The grapes are then taken to the cellar, where every year, depending on the characteristics of the vintage, they undergo short or long macerations in wooden containers (mostly traditional chestnut) or terracotta beads. The sulfur is added to the bottling if necessary.

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