Solaia Antinori 2011 Jeroboam
Solaia Antinori 2011 Jeroboam
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Solaia Antinori 2011 Jeroboam

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Vinification The climatic conditions of the harvest period have guaranteed the possibility of harvesting the grapes with a quality level of absolute value. However, there is a great deal of attention to vineyard selections, in order to make perfect bunches in the basement. Harvesting was done strictly by hand, with vineyards of 1 hectare according to the vigor of the plants. The Sangiovese grapes were harvested in the first decade of October, while the Cabernet, Franc and Sauvignon in the second half of the same month. As always, great care was taken on the fermentative and extractive phases, making délestage and replenishment in compliance with the varietal aromas and the high content of the grape color. For all three varieties, the fermentations were carried out with average temperatures of 27 ° C, never exceeding 31 °, in order to preserve the maximum olfactory sensations and typical of the fruit. From the outset, the must have highlighted a great complexity, a great varietal typical in perfumes, elegance and color, immediately pretending a vintage of great potential. After the rinsing, carried out with alcoholic fermentation finished, the wines were placed in new oak barriques, with the intention of succeeding in making malolactic fermentation by the end of the year. They were then assembled, rested for about 12 months in barriques, poured and finally, after a careful barrique test for barriques, the wine was bottled. The introduction to the market was carried out after a further year of refinement. Alcohol: 14% Vol. Historical data Solaia is a vineyard of about 10 hectares exposed southwest between 350 and 400 meters s.l.m. On a rocky limestone with rock of Alberese, located at Tenuta Tignanello. The Marchesi Antinori produced this wine for the first time with the 1978 vintage; The initial grain was 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Cabernet Franc, which was repeated in 1979. In the following vintages a 20% Sangiovese was introduced and some corrections were made in the ratio between Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc to Get to the current composition. Solaia is produced only in exceptional vintages and was not produced in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984 and 1992. The grapes from the Solaia vineyard, are selected severely,they are among the last to be harvested (beginning September 25 for Cabernet and Sangiovese one week later). The bunch were separated from the rasp and were pressed softly. vinified separately using new methods that guaranteed a very delicate processing technique. The maceration took place in 50hl wood barrels (where, periodically, the treadin were repeated to obtain a better color, complexity and tannins extraction). During this period (15 days for Sangiovese and 20 days for Cabernet), wine also completed alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. The wine was then introduced into new barriques (Alliers & Troncais) where, by the end of the year, it completed malolactic fermentation. The wine was then poured for a careful assembly of the various varieties and placed in barriques where it remained for approx. 14 months, at the end of which the bottling took place. Bottle aging was carried out at least 12 months before the introduction to the market.

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The Antinori's family is innovation in deep respect of tradition. Founded in 1385 by Giovanni di Piero Antinori, during more than 600 years and 26 generations that have followed the helm of the Antinori family they have always personally managed the vineyards and wine-making, with sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for the traditions and the environment.They have shown that in Tuscany and Umbria you can produce quality wines recognized internationally. Wines of deep elegance and finesse, they express a continuous search for improvement, without changing the original character of the grape varieties and traditions. Because of that there are continuous trials in the vineyard and in the cellar, with selections of native clones and international grapes, types of crops, implant altitudes, fermentation methods, temperatures, vinification techniques, types of wood, size, age, length the refinement ... to name just some of them .Over the historical lands, the Antinori family has invested in other areas dedicated to producing high quality wines, both in Italy and abroad, undertaking a path of exploitation of new 'terroir 'high potential.

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