Cortese Ròo Rocco Di Carpeneto 2021
Cortese Ròo Rocco Di Carpeneto 2021
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Cortese Ròo Rocco Di Carpeneto 2021

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A intriguing version of Cortese coming from a very young and interesting winery situated in Carpeneto amidst the alto Monferrato hills, on a small plateau gentle shaped by small valleys at 270 mt above sea level. The vineyards that gives life to the Cortese of Rocco di Carpeneto were implanted between 1970 and 1982 by Guyot growing system. Ròo is a Piemonte DOC "Cortese" exclusively obtained from cortese grapes hand-picked. it is vinified in steel tanks, after a pre-fermentative maceration using native yeasts only. Agening is done in steel stainless tanks and acacia tonneaux. (8 months at least)

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Rocco Di Carpeneto

Rocco di Carpeneto leggi tutto sulla cantina

"Rocco di Carpeneto" winery is a young reality, their first harvest was in 2012, located in Rocco di Carpeneto, admist the Alto Monferrato hills, on a small plateau gently shaped by small valleys at 270 mt above sea level and all the area has been since long time vocated  to the viticolture.

Five ha of vineyards only dedicated on Piedmont-native grapes: Dolcetto, Barbera, cortese, nebbiolo and albarossa (the last two recently planted). The soils are mainly clayey-loamy using guyot growing system.

Rocco di Carpeneto wines are only made up with sun, a unique terroir and human passion. Vines are organically treated with limited quantities of copper and sulphur. Soil enrichment with many different species of leguminosae only. Grape harvest is strictly hand picking.

The different wines are all vinified in the same way. Only native yeasts are used in fermentation, with extended maceration, in steel tanks, terracotta amphoare, wooden casks and concrete tanks, soft pressing and no temperature control. Wine making philosophy is based on the respect of traditional practices, as well as of micro-terroir and microclimate conditions diversity.

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