Verdicchio Riserva 21 S.M. Ca'Liptra 2021
Verdicchio Riserva 21 S.M. Ca'Liptra 2021
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Verdicchio Riserva 21 S.M. Ca'Liptra 2021

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The Verdicchio Riserva 21 S.M. it is the most sought after label deriving from the vineyard located higher than the others of the Ca'Liptra company, in the Cupramontana area. Every year will be the product of the passion for experimentation, which has always sparked enthusiasm in the company. The harvest follows an experimentation of various winemaking techniques to decide which makes better in combination with the vintage and strictly indigenous yeasts. Classic vinification without skin contact, fermentation without temperature control in barrels of several steps. Aging for 12 months on the end of fermentation lees and at least 6 months in bottle

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Ca' liptra

Ca'Liptra is a farm in cupramontana, managed by 4 very different partners, very close to each other, with completely different histories and experiences behind them.

In 2010, they began the first experimental collaboration , which in 2012 transformed into Ca'Liptra.

The name choice is given by the union of the word "Ca" derived from the word Casa (house) and "Liptra" which is given by the acronyms of the names of the members. The goal of the company is to communicate the territory, thanks to the work, made of art and craftsmanship, without using a fixed scheme at all costs.

The company's surface area is about 5 ha divided between olive groves, vineyards and arable land. The vineyard, of 2.5 ha, is divided into five particles each with its altitude, exposure and soil. The vineyards have an average age of about 40 years. For the farm it is very important that the management of the vineyard guarantees the right balance between plant production and survival.

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