Schiedam Dry Gin Bobby's
Schiedam Dry Gin Bobby's
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Schiedam Dry Gin Bobby's

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Two stories that intertwine and give birth to a gin that can reunite East with West. The name comes from the nickname of Jacobus Alfons, born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia). In 1950 he migrated to the Netherlands and immediately fell in love with gin, but missing the aromas of home he started distilling his own product with Indonesian aromas and spices. In 2012 his great-grandson Sebastiaan discovers an old bottle left in the cellar and fascinated by the history decides to start producing and chooses the town where the gin originated, Schiedam.

It was in 1777 when Herman Jansen distilled his first gin in Schiedam, and in 2012, Sebastiaan met the seventh generation of distillers, and together they began to work out the ideal recipe to reproduce his great-grandfather's gin.

After two years, the recipe was perfected and the production of Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin began.


bobby's distillery

Jacobus Alfons, or Bobby to his family and friends,born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia), migrated to the Netherlands.

Bobby loved Dutch Jenever, but missed the taste of home, so he started infusing his jenever with familiar Indonesian spices and herbs. Unknowingly creating his own gin.
And laying the foundation for Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin.

Bobby’s grandson Sebastiaan discovered an old bottle at his mother’s house. Inspired by the story about his grandfather and his unique Indonesian recipe, he went to Schiedam, the city where gin originated. There he met the seventh generation master distiller of Herman Jansen. Together they started working on creating a unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam jenever with the best Indonesian botanicals and spices.

After almost two years of distilling, developing and refining, Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin is born. iN 2016 expand our brand more towards the Far East. Countries as; Japan, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Singapore and off course Indonesia is on our list. Bobby’s Gin won two golden medals, the WSA Austria and the CWSA China. And of course, we went back to the source, Bobby’s Schiedam Jenever came as a brother for the Dry Gin.

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