Rosso Rujno Gravner 2007
Rosso Rujno Gravner 2007
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Rosso Rujno Gravner 2007

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Gravner's Rosso Rujno is a blend of Merlot and a small part of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fermentation in contact with the skins is carried out in underground Georgian amphorae and it is conducted exclusively with indigenous yeasts without temperature control.

Initial ageing lasts four years and it is conducted in oak barrels. Subsequently, bottle ageing lasts 12 years.

Bottling takes place close to the waning moon and no clarification or filtration is carried out.

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Josko Gravner is without doubt one of the most radical winemakers on the Italian scene. The philosophy of the producer is to interfere as little as possible in the 'growth' of wine in an attempt to make the link with the land of origin inseparable; the choice is to not filter the wine, to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, focusing on an exasperated work in the vineyard and to control the addition of sulfur dioxide to a minimum. In his continuous experimentation and research aimed at producing wines that are as "natural" as possible, Gravner has substantially abandoned the use of ground wood for maceration, now replaced definitively by the first in terracotta from Georgia, buried in the cellar at ancient Roman way.

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