Prosecco Doc Col Fondo Cà dei Zago
Prosecco Doc Col Fondo Cà dei Zago
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Prosecco Doc Col Fondo Cà dei Zago

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This stupendous prosecco comes from a 400 mms vineyard with plants of average age around 50 years, on clay and silt soils. The vine is Glera obviously also helped by varieties such as Verdiso, Bianchetta, Perera. The lightly pressed grapes are left for the winter in fermentation in the steel. Before the fermentation ends completely, the wine is bottled with a light filtration. The refermentation process starts thanks to the yeasts present in the grapes. The 2016 vintage was produced entirely, leaving the must in contact with the skins, for three, four or five days, without moving the cap of marc, just like the grandfather had always done.

Cà dei Zago

Ca dei Zago

Founded in 1924, Ca 'dei Zago is still a small company that has come to the fifth generation. The farm covers 6 hectares divided into two parcels, one in San Pietro, the other at the village of Saccol. The vineyards are handled as naturally as possible, all with erbs and without any use of synthesis products. The production is around 50000 bottles a year, all produced by Christian and Marika "with the bottom" or as did his grandfather Giuseppe. Indeed, in the 1930s, prior to the technology, the fermented wine and a high sugar content were bottled on their yeasts and thus began fermentation. The bottles were then opened in Spring thus the wine was slightly moved and pleasant. Today, Christian, who recovers other small family vineyards, succeeds with this method to ensure a disinterested and fun product with an uneven depth for the production area.


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