Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru Armand Rousseau 2017
Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru Armand Rousseau 2017
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Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru Armand Rousseau 2017

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Armand Rousseau owns 2.55 hectares of the most famous Grand Cru of Gevrey, with exposure to the east. The work in the vineyard is done with the horse, the machines can't enter this vineyard. The soil is mostly composed of limestone; In the lower part there are more stones and absurdly in the upper part the soil is less rich in minerals. Chambertin or King's wine, always determined by so much power and vigor.

Three Senses

The wine shows a rather intense red color. Rouesseau's work must have been incredible in this millennium, because the sweet notes come to the nose as in the mouth to demonstrate the perfect maturity of the fruit. Distinctive brand of wine are the menthol and balsamic notes. A large and voluminous wine also in the mouth, tended to the point of just it has not a banal acidity.

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Armand Rousseau

Cellar Rousseau

The Domaine was created in the early twentieth century by Armand Rousseau, who planted in the town of Gevrey Chambertin some vineyards. Following his marriage properties intensified and the cellar was built where it still stands or to the foot of the Gevrey church. From time to time Armand Rousseau Chambertin which acquires most prestigious land, Charmes Chambertin, Clos de La Roche. Following the death of Armand, the Domaine is run by Charles Rousseau, which will develop even more sales and succeed from time to time to take possession of some parcels of Clos de Beze. In 1982,

Eric's son Charles starts lavorar in the company, as a result of his oenology degree and some experience in other Chateau Borgognoni. Eric starts from the vineyard to bring his new ideas. Early Vendemmiie, grassing, mechanical work of soils without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The company's orientation is directed towards organic farming, but the real transformation takes place in the basement where Eric leaves express, without too much manipulation, the wines. The Domaine now has 15 hectares of vines, works in the company of Eric daughters who have followed their Enologici studies, but no one lets him lose sight Rousseau style: fine wines, elegant, honest.

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