Mietitore Marche Bianco Tomassetti 2021
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Mietitore Marche Bianco Tomassetti 2021

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The vineyard of Mietitore extended on 0,4 hectares of land are old about 40 years. The trebbiano grapes from very long time are cultivated in this area and they found the perfect environment considering the proximity to the sea. Mietitore is the fruit of a spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, it ferment and refine in stainless steel tank.


Tomassetti winery cellar

 The Tomassetti farm has always produced a very rare extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. In 2015, the Tomassetti brothers acquired a true viticultural heritage: three hectares of old vineyards in organic farming for over thirty years, cultivated in Verdicchio, Trebbiano and Sangiovese.

New pruning systems, fertilization of reasoned land, exclusive use of indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentations at the base of their idea of wine focused exclusively on the production of wines that respect and reflect the territory.

The company is located in the "middle ground" between the renowned hills of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and the historic areas of Bianchello del Metauro. Hence the decision to name Marche Marche I.G.T. . Matteo is an agronomist, he dedicates himself to the vineyard and also to the yeasts with a doctorate behind the spontaneous fermentations of beer.

Andrea is a graduate in economics and takes care of the commercial side after the vineyard. Both are maniacs of the care of the land and the plant with the certainty that so much time spent on the ground allows you to have complex material to work in the cellar. A small company, with a precise corporate vision that is launching itself as a company from the Marche region of the future. For the technical part in the cellar they are supported by the oenologist Marco Gozzi.


Tomassetti winery cellar

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