Bramito del Cervo Castello della Sala 2021
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Bramito del Cervo Castello della Sala 2021

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The elements that characterized this vintage of Bramito del Cervo were the hot summer season, with temperatures slightly above average and lack of rain for a rather long period. Fortunately, thanks to a rainy winter, the vines have had the chance to "wake up" in a mild spring, with a good water reserve. The budding was earlier than last year, as was the flowering that began after mid-May, followed by an excellent fruit set. The vegetative cycle was favored by mild temperatures during the day and cool at night until July when they then increased. The drip irrigation allows to manage the possible water stress caused by the seasonal trend. The collection of Chardonnay for the Bramito began in mid-August.

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Antinori Tuscany wine cellar

The Antinori's family is innovation in deep respect of tradition. Founded in 1385 by Giovanni di Piero Antinori, during more than 600 years and 26 generations that have followed the helm of the Antinori family they have always personally managed the vineyards and wine-making, with sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for the traditions and the environment.They have shown that in Tuscany and Umbria you can produce quality wines recognized internationally. Wines of deep elegance and finesse, they express a continuous search for improvement, without changing the original character of the grape varieties and traditions. Because of that there are continuous trials in the vineyard and in the cellar, with selections of native clones and international grapes, types of crops, implant altitudes, fermentation methods, temperatures, vinification techniques, types of wood, size, age, length the refinement ... to name just some of them .Over the historical lands, the Antinori family has invested in other areas dedicated to producing high quality wines, both in Italy and abroad, undertaking a path of exploitation of new 'terroir 'high potential.

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