Munjebel Rosso FM Frank Cornelissen 2019
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Munjebel Rosso FM Frank Cornelissen 2019

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Munjebel FM comes from the old vineyards of the Feudo di Mezzo district at an altitude of 600 metres. This wine is characterized by a very feminine and elegant structure and by a finesse typical of the northern slope of Etna. Also in this plot the vines are over 40 years old and most of them are ungrafted. The harvested grapes are taken to the Solicchiata cellar where they remain in contact with the skins for about two months, continuing the fermentation process thanks to the work of the indigenous yeasts. This process gives the wine all the characteristics useful for understanding the territory of the volcano.

Frank Cornelissen

Frank Cornelissen

The company is located in Solicchiata, on the north slopes of the Etna volcano. The philosophy of cultivation is based on the principle that a man is incapable of understanding Nature in its entirety, its complexity and its interactions. They prefer to follow the directions given by Mother Nature rather than deciding what to do and to not do. As a consequence, this choice has led to the avoidance of ground movement, the abandonment of any raw material treatment (chemical, traditional, biological or bio-dynamic) added to the processed product.
The cultivated area of ​​their farm is about 12ha of which 10 vineyards with trees and the remnants of olive trees, traditional fruits, almonds and garden. The annual production is about 20,000 bottles of wine and 600 bottles of olive oil. The products are the result of our hands and only exist with their raw material, without the addition of any other "concealer". Our wines and olive oils with the utmost territorial expression and depth, bear the name Magma®. This selected wine and oil, of singular contrada and vintages, comes from exceptional terrain and geology, between 650 and 1.010 meters of altitude.

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