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Whisky Private Stock Adelphi

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Adelphi bottles this Blended Scotch Whisky by selecting two great styles from Scotland, a real peat sample from the Isle of Islay and a fruity Speyside style. The peat peeps through the tasting always under strict control of the fruity notes. On the label is a mid-19th century depiction of Sir William Gladstone dancing in celebration of a new distillate tax law, whereby only the amount left in the cask after ageing and not its initial content could be taxed. Hence the push to lengthen ageing to increase the quality of whisky. A good reason to celebrate.

Three Senses
At times the sea saltiness returns to the nose, like the waves of an ocean agitated against the island's shores. The remains of an extinguished bonfire and the strength of the fruit, nuts and pear enjoyed on the banks of the Spey.


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