Cannonau Di Sardegna Pusole 2022
Cannonau Di Sardegna Pusole 2022
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Cannonau Di Sardegna Pusole 2022

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How to recommend the producer Lorenzo Pusole in Ogliastra, a wine 'to drink in good company'. 100% Cannonau from the Sa Scala vineyard vinified on indigenous yeasts without temperature control, except by aerating the musts. It ferments in steel and is bottled unfiltered.


Pusole Winery

Ogliastra is a Sardinian land with a thousand faces. On the east coast of the central part, it ranges from the splendid beaches to the heights of the supramonte Baunese, which with its 1100m acts as guardian of the coast. Producers for four generations, the Pusole family cultivates Cannonau and Vermentino in the true traditional way, that is, following the rhythms of nature and without the use of chemistry. No synthetic pesticides and herbicides in the vineyard, no irrigation, no chemicals but only a great manual work guided by the deep knowledge of the soil and the vine. In the cellar the work of cleaning and respect for the grapes continues, allowing each vintage to express its own character. The wines ferment on indigenous yeasts at a controlled temperature by aerating the musts. The management of the company is to produce cannonau from individual vineyards, to make the most of the grape variety, the parcels and the individual terroirs. The flagship is an 80-year-old vineyard.

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