Vin Santo Di Montepulciano Occhio Di Pernice Avignonesi 2005 0,375 L
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Vin Santo Di Montepulciano Occhio Di Pernice Avignonesi 2005 0,375 L

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Avignonesi owes its name to the historical founders of the estate, since 2009 under the guidance of Virginie Saverys who immediately pushed for organic farming. All the efforts, from the vineyard to the winery, are aimed at respecting the grapes and what the vintage wants to express. The eye of partridge of Avignon is a unique product, which owes its excellence to the 'mother', an old yeast more than a century, jealously guarded by Avignonesi. Only the best Sangiovese grapes are selected to stay for several months in a drying area. Following the vinification, the Occhio di Pernice, aged ten years, sealed in small 50-liter oak barrels, where it remains in contact with the 'mother', which regenerates each year to give life to a unique passito in its kind. The natural oxidation that goes into the caratelli gives a unique character and an extraordinary resistance to oxidation.

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“Healthier wines for healthier people, but also a healthier land
and a healthier environment to pass on to future generations.”

The winery is named after the Avignonesi family, the founders of the original estate.

Constant research and development aimed at expressing the true character of the Montepulciano terroir has, over time, earned the winery a well-deserved place among the flagship producers of Tuscany.

In 2009, Avignonesi was acquired by Virginie Saverys who has since introduced organic and biodynamic farming methods to craft distinct, genuine wines with an even stronger character, and has acquired additional vineyards and a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in the Montepulciano appellation.

We believe that the life force of the earth and the uniqueness of our terroir are at the heart of our brand. Avignonesi is reborn from the soil of our vineyards with each vintage in wines that mirror the subtle flavours of the site and the special traits of each year. Our wines express the richness and beauty of the Montepulciano territory. We respect the heritage of Montepulciano, where Sangiovese wines have been produced for centuries, and we wish to contribute to its future by being the finest representative of its heritage that we can be.

We respect the innate character of each wine and seek to follow its natural evolutionary path from the soil to the cellar and - finally - to the bottle.


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