Amarone Della Valpolicella Monte Dei Ragni 2016
Amarone Della Valpolicella Monte Dei Ragni 2016
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Amarone Della Valpolicella Monte Dei Ragni 2016

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Zeno Zignoli Amarone is made exclusively from coralline coralline (70%), rondinella (25%) and others (5%), selected and naturally dried. Fermented and aged in new tonneaux. It is accompanied by main courses of red meat and aged cheeses. It is advisable to serve at 16-19 degrees and uncork two hours before consumption.
The production area is located in Località Marega in the municipality of Fumane in Valpolicella. A hilly area ranging from 220 to 430 meters. s.l.m. south east exposure
full on calcareous soils with a lot of skeleton. The sixth of planting and rearing is pergulate, 5600 vines / ha with load buds of 33000-36000 / ha, remembering that in the corvina the first three buds generally do not bear fruit. Average age of the grapes 24 years.
The grapes placed in the fruit tree must have particular characteristics, which can be found on an average of 30-40% of the entire production.
The harvest takes place after the middle of September, with manual harvesting in plateaux, which is followed by a natural drying in the fruit cellar until February
The grapes are then slowly pressed, so that the completely dry stalks remain as whole as possible to be able to expel them accordingly. Fermentation and aging in new tonneaux for three years. Maturation in bottles minimum six months

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Monte Dei Ragni

Monte dei ragni

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