Sanjoulais Fattoria Mani di Luna 2020
Sanjoulais Fattoria Mani di Luna 2020
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Sanjoulais Fattoria Mani di Luna 2020

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Sanjoulais is a Sangiovese inspired by the best known techniques of the Beaujolais region. In fact, the harvested grapes are put in whole bunches in hermetically sealed containers for about 20 days (semi-carbon maceration. The racking follows to eliminate the skins and stems. Sanjoulais remains on the fine lees for six months. A single decanting and bottled with stopper is carried out. crown - without sulfur dioxide addition.

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Fattoria Mani di Luna

Fattoria Mani di Luna


The winery is located in Torgiano, Fattoria Mani di Luna, in a country house just few kilometers from Perugia. Very clear ideas right from the beginning in 2012: working the earth in a natural way.
First they get the certificate of organic, then biodynamic, but it is the result in the glass that counts: the Mani di Luna wines in addition to being healthy wines, are good, sincere, clean and extremely balanced.

The vineyards are on two different areas, the cultivated vineyards are: sangiovese, grechetto, riesling malvasia, trebbiano, sagrantino.

Older plants and more recent plants on sand fields. The soil is very sandy, covered with weeds like beans, mustard, barley, etc. Vineyards are a praise to the luxuriant nature, ordined and treated with knowledge. The only thing that waste this equilibrium is the presence of wild boars that devastate. The strength of this company is the complementarity between Simone who deals with accounting, Rocco's activity in the cellar and Alessandro in the vineyard, two out of three are oenologists but no one has an interest in vinification according to the conventional oenological rules and perhaps two exceptional cases in which The oenologist does not just study the processes but lives them first with passion. Hands and moons are the protagonists: hands because the activity is all manual, from picking to pressing (only female feet); The moon dictate with its cycles the different phases of the activities. Compression with the feet, combined with manual diraspation, is the best method to preserve and enhance the quality and thus the characteristics of grapes. The white wines are partially macerated briefly on the skins and partially pressed whole bunches very smoothly on vertical wood press. The yeasts are naturally indigenous, so present on the skins, using the "pie de cuve" method to avoid uncontrolled fermentations. Once the must has become wine, it is poured into fruit days following the lunar calendars and runs all winter on its fine leeks, which are brought into suspension by weekly batonnages in order to ensure greater stability and wealth to the wines.

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