Pignoletto Frizzante Sui Lieviti Orsi Vigneto San Vito 2021
Serve at: 10°-12°C
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Pignoletto Frizzante Sui Lieviti Orsi Vigneto San Vito 2021

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The Pignoletto base fermented on the indigenous yeasts in steel, without undergoing clarification or filtration. The draft takes place with 3% must, Albana and Riesling grapes. The refermentation occurs in the bottle with the arrival of the hot spring days. It is not disgorged so the yeasts remain in the bottle. It can be served without shaking the bottle, scaraffando to separate the bottoms, or shake slightly before opening, in order to mix the yeasts and savor it fully.

Vigneto San Vito

Vigneto San Vito Cantina

Vigneto San Vito produces true wines in the Colli Bolognesi area, renowned for over 50 years. In 2005, with the arrival of a young couple at the company's head, start the project for re-valorization of local wines it began without the hassle of meeting the interests of the market. Fundamental steps have been the conversion to biodynamics and the fermentations on indigenous yeasts, abandoning clarifications and filtration. The attention of the company and its young people is based on respect for the vines and the soil, capable of supporting the peculiarities of the climate to give taste products.

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