Pinot Bianco Girlan 2023
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Pinot Bianco Girlan 2023

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At Cornaiano, on the hills of the Oltradige, at a height between 450-500m, ventilation is optimal for Pinot Bianco, which is widely used here. Vinification and aging in stainless steel, where it also partly performs malolactic fermentation. The yield per hectare of 70 hl collects the minerality of the soil well.


Girlan Cellar


The company was founded by Girlan in 1923 by 23 winemakers. It now has 200 members for a total of 220 hectares. Girlan / Cornaiano is a famous wine village, known since 1085, with vineyards from 250m to 550m slm, which are different for composition, land and exposure, which allows to cultivate local and international varieties. The human factor for the Girlan winery is paramount. All the members are coordinated by Gerhard Kofler. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the various components is always in vivo and is a growing opportunity for constant quality research. In 2010, the cellar was completely remodeled, always inside the historic farm, to handle every passage of the vine without mechanical means but only by gravity. The will is to re-evaluate local grapes and at the same time offer wines of quality obtained by international grapes, respecting the territory and the times of nature.
there are 5 terroirs from which the grapes come: Cornaiano (Girlan), Gschleier, Plattenriegl, Mintiggl, Mazzon.

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