Champagne Extra Brut Cuvèe 746 Jacquesson
Champagne Extra Brut Cuvèe 746 Jacquesson
Champagne Extra Brut Cuvèe 746 Jacquesson
Champagne Extra Brut Cuvèe 746 Jacquesson
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Champagne Extra Brut Cuvèe 746 Jacquesson

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In cuvée Jacquesson which changes every year, the brothers Chiquet assemble wines of the same Grape harvest, from dozens of parcels, completed with some of their predecessors: the "vins de réserve", stored in the basement for several years. In this process it becomes essential to capture the best of each vintage, trying not to deny the variations of each crop. They number their "cuvées" to date them in order to highlight the different personalities.

Vintage 2016: grapes harvested in Aÿ, Dizy, Hautvillers (55%), Avize and Oiry (45%).
Winter and spring are extremely rainy. Temperatures, initially mild, drop from the end of February, with severe frosts until the end of April. The latter part of spring is sunny but cool, while summer is very hot and dry. The harvest began on September 19th and ended on October 6th, with an intermediate break of a few days due to a very heterogeneous maturity. When harvested, the grapes are ripe and perfectly healthy; the wines are aromatic and tasty, with a particular mention for the Pinot noir, really excellent. The assembly is completed with "vins de réserve".



The Chiquet:'s vineyards are located in two different regions of Champagne:a Grand Cru, Aÿ, and two Premiers Crus, Dizy and Hautvillers, in the Great Valley de la Marne where they have steep slopes, they are oriented to east, south and south- west and where the gypsum is always present in the soil layers. The other, the Côte des Blancs, in two Grands Crus, Avize and Oiry where the parcels are south full and where the gypsum is emergent.

The peculiarity of his wines comes from the great terroirs that the area offers; It is linked to the chalky layer, often hundreds of meters deep, on which rest our soils, but also to our climate, semi-continental, where the average temperature does not exceed 10 ℃.

Another key factor in obtaining the quality products are his vigneron, with whom the brothers Chiquet have a personal relationship. Without the countless efforts of Bertrand, Raynald, and Alexandre Rémi in Avize, as well as those of Sylvain Didier, Christophe, Eric, Laurent and Jérôme Dizy, nothing would be possible.

They use traditional cultivation methods with little or noameliorative action.

Champagne is a great wine, produced in exceptional terroirs and his complexity has nothing to envy to anyone else. effervescence constitutes a fundamental part of its charm.

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