Riesling Marienburg Falkenlay Auslese Clemens Busch 2019
Riesling Marienburg Falkenlay Auslese Clemens Busch 2019
Serve at: 10°-12°C
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Riesling Marienburg Falkenlay Auslese Clemens Busch 2019

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An oenological pearl in small doses produced by the mythical Marienburg vineyard, from a plot of only half a hectare, entirely worked with natural criteria, which rests on a blue ground. The collection is completely manual, maceration of 8/10 hours, with oxidation of the must for 7 days before the alcoholic fermentation lasting about 6 months with natural yeasts in steel tanks. Aging in oak barrels used by 10 hectoliters for about 9 months. Residual sugars: 19 gr / l. Riesling of extreme tastiness and endless drink. A Riesling with great aristocratic fabric.

Clemens Busch

Clemens Busch

Shaking your hand at Clemens Busch you perceive How extraordinary this person is. Manages Along with his wife Rita and her son Johannes 
A vineyard near Pünderich on the Moselle River. The Vineyards date back to 1663, extending for almost 16 years Hectares on the slopes of Marienburg and are cultivated for
Mostly in Riesling. The vineyards of Marienburg are cultivated on a plot With varied geological features. The element The main is slate. The three vineyards and their wines
They express a different composition of slate:
• Blue slate = Fahrlay vineyard,
• red slate = Rothenpfad vineyard
• gray slate = Falkenlay vineyard.
The lands, the screws that date back to 100 years ago and the excellent Hand of the winemaker give the incomparable wines Personality and character.
Clemens Busch is a bioenergy and body vintner: one Pioneer of ecological vineyards in Germany. Since 1984, these vineyards are cultivated with an innovation
Biodynamic agriculture. Choosing the Best Time for Harvesting, i Perfect tapping times, clarification exclusively For sedimentation, fermentation 
Spontaneous, no particular care, low contents Of sulphites, preservation in traditional barrels "Fuder" and the absence of botrytis in dry wines: here is the
Criteria inspired by the Busch family. Clemens's young wines are not always easy. The lover Of Riesling will never buy a summer wine
With female characters and protagonists. However, with a little patience and being aware Of the processing processes described above, yes
Will be fully pleased to enjoy these wines. Everything revolves around the minerality, which he often remembers Yellow, sometimes black, fruity notes. important
And mature acidulous notes confirm the passion For the quality of the winemaker. The perfect equilibrium, the Delicate and mature acidic notes and velvety tannins
Make these wines light but robust at the same time, Pleasantly surprising those who drank them. 

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