Bordeaux Glass To Degustate Wine

Bordeaux Glass To Degustate Wine

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Glass suitable for structured and aged wines. Particularly suitable for wines of Bordeaux, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet

Capacity 765 ml - Height 24 cm

The Zalto Denk'art glass was born to satisfy the most esigent, to create a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. This is why, in the name of an absolute quality, born something unique: Zalto Denk'Art. Appreciated in equal measure by oenologists and gourmets, Zalto Denk'Art is the point of reference for the glass culture. It was a cosmic phenomenon to inspire the creators of the Denk'Art series. The corners used, of 24, 48 and 72 degrees, correspond to the inclination angles of our earth. According to tradition, it seems that the ancient Romans had already noted that these angles had an extraordinary effect on the quality of containers destined to contain food reserves, food not only kept their freshness longer, but also had a more tasty flavor . For this reason, the wines in the glasses realise themself excellently in the glass  to the nose and to the palate.

Why to have the Zalto glasses in the house:

Perfect shape with the maximum design

A glass of great value puts the wine perfectly in the scene

Zalto gels are tested for machine wash

The weigh of the glass is just a little more than 100 grams

it Is created with mouth-blown crystal without lead addition

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