Ognostro Rosso Marco Tinessa 2020
Ognostro Rosso Marco Tinessa 2020
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Ognostro Rosso Marco Tinessa 2020

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Marco Tinessa is not an improvised wine, but a great taster. And Ognostro is not just any wine, but a great expression of territory. Montemarano, a small town in Avellino, is home to the vineyard of not even one hectare of Aglianico from which Marco harvested the grapes as dark as ink. And from here the wine also takes its name, which comes from spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, and then macerates 2/3 months in HDPE containers. The aging of the grapes takes place in terracotta amphorae. The wine is bottled without being filtered or clarified, with an addition of sulfur dioxide at 40mg / l.


Ognostro Marco Tinessa

From the last trips @gallienotecaontour cellars: we are in Milan with Marco Tinessa who hosts us in his life for a few hours. Waiting anxiously for "Ognostro" (every year we mark it on the February calendar) it is worthwhile to open an Ognostro Bianco and Last Trip to Sicily.

Marco lives in Milan but in fact he comes from Campania, Montemarano (AV) where the vines grow with absolutely distinguishable character, the home of volcanic whites and warm reds from the south: Fiano and Aglianico.

Thinking of visiting the Ognostro winery in Milan, in a totally urban context, it almost seems to have gone wrong on the highway. But we like real winemakers, and here we have one of the best examples of garagiste to present to you.

The vineyard of a few hectares, purchased step by step, leaves Marco free to move between Campania and Lombardy in the most important moments of the vine's activity, otherwise managed for him by a trusted custodian who constantly takes care of it all year round.

The grapes are shipped to Milan in a rather central area, in the cellar of an old bistro moved to Navigli and now re-set up into a cellar in the underground and in a design studio on the upper floor. At a first look from outside, the building has the flavor of rationalist architecture and modernism. Inside some stainless steel vats and tools of the latest generation of tech such as pumps and presses.

The essential for a garagiste who works with extreme cleanliness and precision. Marco knows how his wine should be, and he has a clear ideas about everything that goes around it, such as to know how it could be positioned and who his end customer is.

To find out what his wines are like, imagine what can be born of an urban, Milanese mind that looks forward, cultured, curious and determined, with the heart and hospitality of the warm south and with the vineyards rooted in one of the most authentic places of Italy. The rest comes by itself. Now we can not tell you anything more, just invite you to taste and find out if it's so.

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