Valpolicella Superiore Romano Dal Forno 2014
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Valpolicella Superiore Romano Dal Forno 2014

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Valpolicella, is a wine that is distinguished by the multitude of its affinities for the particular methodology with which it is produced. In fact, the same qualitative and procedural criteria adopted for Amarone are faithfully followed. Suffice it to say that all the grapes that flow into the Valpolicella di Romano Dal Forno undergo a mild and beneficial process of drying for about a month and a half. This allows to achieve an optimal balance between organoleptic concentration and olfactory freshness.
The result is a wine with an aromatic intensity that is out of the norm for the category in which it is historically located.

The origin of the soil is formed in particular by gravel and then silt and clay. The crushing usually begins in the first days of November, after having carried out a further manual sorting on each bunch, in order to remove all the grains that have been damaged during the drying period.

Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature (about 28 degrees), equipped with a sophisticated computerized system that allows to perform automatic punching for a period of about fifteen days, including the final two-day maceration.

The Valpolicella stops for a few days in stainless steel tanks which, thanks to their particular shape, allow easy decanting and, subsequently, is matured in new barrels for 36 long months.

Three Senses

The Valpolicella has notes of blueberry, blackberry, cherry and chocolate that gradually emerge as the wine is oxygenated. The powerful tannins, which constitute the backbone of this product, are in perfect symbiosis with the velvety aromas of sweet spices and jam that envelop the palate and enhance its senses.

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Romano Dal Forno

Romano dal Forno

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