Montilla Moriles Don Px Toro Albalà 2020
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Montilla Moriles Don Px Toro Albalà 2020

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Montilla Moriles is a designation of origin that involves a production area in the province of Cordoba in Andalusia. There is a great attention to quality and the maximum yield is set between 60 hl and 80 hl. The height of the vineyards in the area of origin is between 125 and 600 meters above sea level. The area is made peculiar by the particular white soils, rich in calcium carbonate: the surface and the subsoil are formed by soft soil poor in organic matter and not very fertile. Also the climate is fundamental with long hot and dry summers and short winters. The technique used for the production of sweet wines is similar to that of Jerez with the preservation of wine in partially open casks, which allow the development of a noble "flor" capable of driving refinement, directing the products towards particular aromatic sensations, great complexity.

Don Px is a natural sweet wine, which is harvested in August; the bunches are then dried on the ground of traditional jute discs and grated by hand in such a way that the grapes preserve their integrity. The sugar level at the end of the pressing also reaches 500g / l. The fermentation takes place in steel and is interrupted once the predetermined alcohol content is reached, mutating the musts with the addition of alcohol obtained by the distillation of its pomace. Refine for 12 months in stainless steel containers

Three Senses

The high sugar content makes this natural sweet wine very dense and full of aromas and flavors. The nose opens with notes of ripe fruit almost withered, then come out the sharpest sensations of dried fruit. It continues with honey and citrus jam, until you can remember saffron. The gustatory part is a concentrate of density flanked by a lively, sapid sensation given by the soil.

Toro Albala

Bodega Toro Albala

Bodega Toro Albala is currently the most important production reality of the Montilla-Moriles denomination. The estate produces about 500 thousand bottles a year and holds a huge number of vintages that cover 200 vintages of Spanish wine history, along with 8 thousand barrels with wine in aging. Time here is a precious ally and the foresight in preserving different muillesimi has been and remains the distinguishing element of this company.

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