Cirò Rosso Riserva 'A Vita 2018
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Cirò Rosso Riserva 'A Vita 2018

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Although Francesco is at his fourth harvest he has already shown much in a territory that perhaps has found in him the necessary reference author. The vintages that gave the best are the 2008 and the 2010 (still in barrel) gave healthy, rightly matured grapes and extraordinarily balanced wines. the Cirò Riserva have a rhythm and fineness to leave you almost breathless. Wines with a particularly drained color (like the whiskey should of course be) opening with spicy and brackish notes in which the fruit is timid in revealing, never ripe, never cooked. And then licorice, myrtle, in general Mediterranean scrub that lead to a tannic taste, firm and characterized by sometimes acidic gloom. They are elements that balance each other and lead to a finale of great elegance, perhaps unexpected and in some resonant ways. All this from about eight hectares cultivated in organic farming and vineyards requiring very few treatments, "so here from May to August it's very rare to drink." Magnetic Wines. (Jacopo Cossater, Enoiche Illusioni)

A Vita - Vigna De Franco srl Soc. Agr. - Ciro Marina

Cantina A vita

We are in Calabria, on the Cirò hills overlooking the Ionian shores, between the sea and the Sila mountains. An unprecedented landscape. Francesco and Laura, a Calabrian and a Friulian, an oenologist and a cultural worker, have found a communicative thread that connects art and nature, their passions. "For us being winemakers means acting responsibly in the area, promoting biodiversity, respecting the slow times of agriculture." This very young reality is located on clay and limestone soils, where temperature changes make this an excellent area for wine and history has been telling it for 2500 years. 8 hectares, 4 vineyards managed with organic agriculture. No synthetic substances, only copper, sulfur and natural agents used in minimal doses. No fertilization, only green manure and reduced tillage to preserve fertility and promote soil biodiversity. The main grape variety is Gaglioppo with other indigenous grape varieties, the best interpreters of this terroir.

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