Montefalco Riserva Pipparello Paolo Bea 2016
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Montefalco Riserva Pipparello Paolo Bea 2016

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The 2016 vintage was characterized by a rather rainy start and ended with a rather limited production in quantity but not in quality, which was instead excellent.

The red Montefalco Riserva Pipparello is the result of spontaneous fermentation from the vineyard of the same name for about 40 days on the skins without the stems. The blend consists of Sangiovese (60%), Sagrantino (15%) and other red grapes for the remaining 25%.

It then matures for 9 months in stainless steel tanks and another 39 months in large Slavonian oak barrels. Finally, it rests for another 12 months in bottle before being marketed. As the producer suggests, pour carefully. Natural sediment at the bottom is an indication of genuineness, evidence of a living wine.

Three Senses
Vivid and austere, a montefalco that envelops with warm hints of sandalwood and incense. Freshness on the palate, with a tannin tamed by the skilful hand of Bea. Pairings: excellent on braised and roasted, splendid to accompany the cheese trolley.

Paolo Bea

paolo bea winery and grapes

The constant commitment is aimed at seeking the best balance between the natural process of nature and the action of man, without the use of synthetic chemistry and forced stabilization aimed at accelerating the "readiness to drink". The cellar seeks the freedom to make wine with the flavors of the land from which it comes, according to the idea of assisting nature and not dominating it. The opposite is nothing but a mad illusion.

"... nature must be observed, it must be listened to, understood, not dominated."

Day by day, with family baggage, but also continuing to collect the memories and experiences of the older winemakers, observing nature and reading the lunar, we try to identify the best coexistence between modernity and naturalness.
In summary the idea of production tends to: respect nature, contributing with our work to maintain the balance of the flora and fauna of the land of origin, safeguarding the flavors of the earth, avoiding the use of synthetic chemistry, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, waiting for the natural cycles to be completed, without hurry, avoiding any artificial acceleration, obtaining healthy products for health.

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