Freisa Toetto Mascarello Giuseppe 2018
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Freisa Toetto Mascarello Giuseppe 2018

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Toetto is a still Freisa vinified in purity and harvested at the beginning of October, which follows a fermentation for 6/7 days with emerged cap and controlled temperature. Refines in medium-sized oak barrels for a few months. Put on the market after two years from the harvest, it can be left to age another 8/15 years.

Three Senses

Intense ruby ​​red, spicy nose. In the mouth a good body, dry and very tannic. To be opened as a companion of meats and cheeses, creamy first courses, spicy ethnic foods.

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Giuseppe Mascarello

Giuseppe Mascarello

The history of Giuseppe Mascarello began back in 1881, with the purchase of the first plot of land in Pian della Polvere. Now the vineyards range over various hills of the most suitable areas in the Barolo area, including the famous MONPRIVATO. Today the company is under the guidance of Mauro Mascarello, who since 1967 leads one of the family vineyards. The years from 1968 to 1977 are years of experimentation of various techniques, then returning to a more traditional vinification but with profound changes. In 1980 he assumed direct responsibility for the MONPRIVATO vineyard, continuing the family tradition with unchanged precision: ideal ripening of the grapes, perfectly healthy bunch, the search for maximum concentration in the grapes. To get the most out of it, the family has been investing in deep field work for decades, following the plant's development and intervening to the minimum with plant protection products and rejecting any herbicide and desiccant. Mascarello have always been artisans of wine, taking care of the vineyards, winemaking and refining with unchanged momentum, separating the fruits of each vineyard to enhance its individual characteristics. His wines are contended around the world, from the USA to Japan.

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