Offida Pecorino Vigna Giulia Dianetti 2021
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Offida Pecorino Vigna Giulia Dianetti 2021

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Vignagiulia, Offida Pecorino DOCG is a wine that comes from the earth. 10-year-old vines on land 150 m above sea level that goes down from the south to the west. Exposure that leads to two simultaneous types of maturation: one allowing for higher sugar and extract levels on the southern side, and the other which gives the acidic freshness and strong fragrance of the fruit on the western side.

The common denominator is the soil, mainly composed of silt and sand with little clay and richened by the limestone which marks its high mineral content. The microclimate that develops in this vineyard, surrounded on the north and south sides by a forest and on the west side by a ditch, is conducive to organic farming. In the hottest period of the year, from the ripening until the full maturation of the grapes, the winds blow from the sea bringing notes of sea salt to the grapes from noon until evening; then they turn back and the air, first chilly and then nearly cold at night, cools the grapes fixing their aroma.

In this spectacle of nature, man can merely work to preserve the natural health of the grapes and the aromatic character of the varietal so that they result in a typical regional wine. For this reason we hand-pick the grapes in small boxes in the early morning, in order to produce the wine immediately in the cantina while the grapes are still as cold as possible,away from oxygen and in the shortest time possible. The result is a fresh wine, with clear aromas of the Pecorino varietal, robust and flavorful, fullbodied and longlasting, that you drink and drink again, which you remember.

Three Senses

Fresh straw yellow, on the nose there are notes of exotic fruits, grapefruit and pineapple. Mineral notes that caress the mouth with freshness. Long persistence with a balanced end.

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dianetti vineyard

The Dianetti Farm was born from the union of "mom" Giuliana's valuable experience in viticulture and son Emanuele's passion for the world of wine. The company is located in Carassai, a village in the south of the Marche region in the heart of the Piceno area, in a splendid natural oasis on a hill in the southern side of the Val Menocchia.

This narrow valley links the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea and is crossed by warm sea breezes by day and chilly winds at night, producing an optimal microclimate for the vines which facilitate the creation of aromas of the grapes.

The earth is a balanced mixture of silt, sand and clay, enriched by limestone and made permeable by gravel. Here, from the historical Montepulciano and Pecorino vines, originate wines with distinctive character and personality.

The vineyards stretch along the south and south-west sides of the hill at a height of 150-200 meters. Everything from pruning to harvesting the grapes is done by hand, following the principles of sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

For Emanuele, wine soul is given us by the vineyard, it simply is made of grapes, characterised by the fruit that originates it.

Through artisanal work Dianetti can seize the richness that the land gives us, all while respecting the time that the nature imposes.

Because wine is a game of senses, a strong emotion and above all..a memory.

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