Bianco Le Coste
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Bianco Le Coste

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Bianco Le Coste is made from grapes of about 40 years rejuvenated by the contribution of a third of young vines, from Procanico for 90% and other local varieties for the remaining part. The volcanic soil enters overbearing in the aromaticity of the grape, composed of lapilli, ashes and yellow tuff, bringing great minerality. It ferments on indigenous yeasts and ages in wooden casks for 24 months.

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Le Coste

Le Coste

The Le Coste project began in February 2004 with the purchase of three hectares of abandoned land known as "Le Coste", once a "garden" of vines and olives.

Gianmarco and Clementine's company has since grown and now covers about 14 hectares, 3ha of the vines planted by them, 4ha of old vines (40-60 years) for rent, 4ha of olive trees and 3ha of woods.

The winery is located in Gradoli, in the province of Viterbo, on the border with Tuscany, 40 km from the Mediterranean coast and about 150 km from Rome. Located 450ms above sea level, on the hills overlooking Lake Bolsena (of recent volcanic origin, about one million years), the soil is loose and friable, derived from volcanic rocks and ash, rich in iron and minerals. .

On the whole property "natural" agriculture is practiced, without any official certification, but with great respect for the environment, to create a natural balance that intensive agriculture would certainly disturb. To this end, in addition to wine, olives, fruit trees and green fertilizers are grown.

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