Verdicchio Rincrocca La Staffa 2019 Magnum
Verdicchio Rincrocca La Staffa 2019 Magnum
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Verdicchio Rincrocca La Staffa 2019 Magnum

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The Rincrocca, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva, comes from a vine planted in 1972, whose clone generates particularly large and compact bunches. The Rincrocca finishes six / eight months in concrete tanks. Contrada Castellaretta, in Staffolo, is a particularly favorable site for vine cultivation. In this area of the hills of the Castelli of Jesi, Verdicchio's vine benefits from the conditions of a special microclimate and the unique composition of the soil that make it, along with an ancient and respectful grape processing, fine and balanced wine, personality Strong and refined.

Three Senses
Rincrocca is a wine with light and fine aromas with slightly mentholated and chamomile notes to which typical varietal hints are slowly added, initially not so recognizable. In the mouth the attack is slight, but it soon broadens with nice depth, good body and a certain fatness well balanced by freshness and clear sapidity. It is a fourteen-degree wine with a small residual sugar well supported by an acidic plug that makes for balanced drinking.

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La Staffa


La Staffa is a soft line that crosses the hills of Staffolo, on which the neat rows of the Marche stretch out, in the classic area of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, around a town that takes its name from its history and the wine it produces.

From the tradition and ancient culture of a territory dedicated to wine, a small winery was born, born for family consumption, with "the self-love" of those who love the pleasure of things done well, the taste for good drinking, the satisfaction to produce something special. This vineyard pampered by the sun and by the hands of skilled winemakers, because the cultivation of native vines is the basis of a limited production, of high quality, which has obtained important appreciation and official recognition.

The grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard to enhance their organoleptic characteristics. The harvest is careful, adjusted to the rhythm of the ripe grapes, of the optimal harvest times of each bunch. From soft pressing, according to unchanging convictions, they obtain the best from each grain to make good wines full of original aromas.

La Staffa is a simple cellar with the authentic taste of traditions. The modern equipment they are equipped with safeguards the hygiene and value of wine, traditions and the simplicity of the countryside embrace each other. Happy wines, born of the warmth of the sun and the earth, which bring the song of joy. Ivini of the cellar have the vitality from the love with which they were obtained, gesture after gesture, day after day, with the care and experience of those who love wine and the tranquility of those who are satisfied with their own work. Enjoy your tasting.

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