Sherry Jalifa Amontillado Solera 30 Anni William & Humbert 0,5 L
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Sherry Jalifa Amontillado Solera 30 Anni William & Humbert 0,5 L

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An exceptional Sherry, aged 30 years with a dynamic solera method. The musts come from Amontillado grapes selected from the best vineyards, and ferment at 22 degrees C. Filtered and fortified at 15% with the best distilled wines, then aged through the classic dynamic solera system. Starting from the 15th criadera where they age for 8 years under a layer of yeasts, and then transferred to the sixth criadera where it's aged under oxidation for a further 22 years, until reaching the solera. Hence the sherry is ready and bottled for consumption. The sugar residue is about 10g / L, for a pleasant natural sweetness.

Three Senses
Color bewitching between old gold and amber. Rich and pungent nose, alive and vibrant conquers with complexity and power. Long and enveloping finish.

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Williams & Humbert

Williams Humbert

Founded in 1877 by Sir. Alexander Williams, great connoisseur and admirer of Jerez products, and Arthur Humbert, international relations specialist.

Since then part of the wines and grappas of the house have been preserved in high quality oak boots (soleras). These form the basis of current development and aging of

each wine and brandy of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

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