Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Clos De La Marechale Frederic Mugnier 2014
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Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Clos De La Marechale Frederic Mugnier 2014

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In 2003 the Domaine of Jacques-Frederic Mugnier returned to vinify in the parcel of over 9 hectares of Clos de la Marechale, the largest monopoly of the Cote d'Or. Owned since 1902 it was leased with a 53-year contract. The vineyard was already known in 1855 as Clos des Fourches, then Clos Marechal and finally Clos de la Marechale. The historic vineyards had an average age of 45 years in 2008. Historically, the wines there are known among the best Niuts-Saint-Georges with a less alcoholic character and exquisite finesse. The soil is part of a geological layer that makes south under the deepest layers to resurface at Montrachet. It is therefore simple to explain the extraordinary longevity and potency of these wines.

Three Senses

The Clos de la Marechale always gives wines with marked frankness and rectitude with the strength of the Nuits-Saint-Georges with soft tannins in youth compared with that of the central sectors. Those are wines that express the best after years of aging, when they are completely free and ready to let out floral notes of raspberry, iris and white lilac.

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Main Entrance Mugnier

At the beginning of the 20th century, the estate founded in 1863 by Frédéric MUGNIER, a liquor-maker in Dijon, included nearly twenty hectares of the best vineyards spread over Chambolle-Musigny and Nuits-Saint-Georges.

Today, around Jocelyne and Frédéric Mugnier, the permanent team of the Domaine: Adeline, Audrey, Damien, Fabien, Guillaume, Patrick and Philippe, is attentive to every detail in order to bring from the vineyard to the cellar and to your glass the best Nature can give.

The approach to both viticulture and wine-making is aimed at preserving in the wines the purest expression of Nature with minimal interference from technological practice favouring hand work and preventive protection methods in the vineyard. The purpose is not to eradicate pests and diseases but to preserve or  restore a rich and active ecosystem.

With healthy and ripe grapes grown on the greatest terroirs, wine-making only has to be kept simple and respectful.

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