Metodo Classico Brut MG 60 Marco Gozzi
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Metodo Classico Brut MG 60 Marco Gozzi

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Sparkling wine classic method in limited edition (1 barrique - 300 btg), MG60, a reserve Dosage zero for a few, the numbers are reversed from 09 to 60 to identify the 60 months of aging on the yeasts, unlike 09, which was the first year of the beginning of the artisan sparkling wine project by Marco Gozzi.

The sparkling wine does not want to be compared to a champagne, but simply to be a fine example of Italian sparkling wine cured in detail.

Synthetic products are not used, therefore only contact products such as copper and sulfur. We try to respect as much as possible the natural ecosystem where plants are immersed.

Following experiences in Champagne in the year 2015 and 2017 during the harvest and draft, in the cote de blanc in the Grand Cru of Le Mesnil, Marco has dusted off and discovered new techniques in detail, with exchanges of ideas between the great directors and vigneron of Le Mesnil and neighboring countries such as the great Anselme Selosse in Avize.

The blend of sparkling wine MG09 is always around 80% Chardonnay and 20% Verdicchio, while for the MG60 in the cut there is a slightly higher percentage of Verdicchio.

Marco thinks that Verdicchio 100% in sparkling wine expresses strong character, structure and typicality, but a little 'less finesse (varies a lot from the areas) of which I am constantly looking. Verdicchio is interpreted as the Pinot Noir Marche, a white dressed in red (for its rich phenolic composition) that is more balanced and refined in cut with Chardonnay, the great vine of the classic Methods in the world, starting with Champagne.

The whole sparkling base of the MG60 ferments in wood bringing more complex notes, without being invaded by notes of vanilla typical of the long refinements in new wood. The line that should never be lost is the freshness that keeps the wine alive over time.

The sparkling wine is more about finesse rather than power.


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Marco Gozzi

Marco Gozzi spumante marchigiano

Marco Gozzi is a very young guy, born and grown up in Modena where a wine without bubbles is not considered a wine. He's passion come from when he was a child and he used to bottled sparkling wine with his father and his uncle.

After the Agricultural high school, he continued his  study at the University of Bologna at the department of Viticulture and Enology, than he worked in a famous sparkling region of Italy called Franciacorta at the winery Bellavista.

After the graduation he worked in Germany during the harvest than he landed in Australia, California, South Africa and finally in New Zealand to know better different thinking about sparkling wines.

When he came back from his experiences all over the world he decided to stop in the Marche region, he felt in love with this land and he choose to mix Verdicchio grapes which is the king of the whites in this region with Chardonnay which is the king of Traditional Classic Method sparkling  wine.  

In 2009 he started his own project of sparkling wine which represent his passion for sparkling wines refermented in the bottle: MG09, his expression of Traditional Classic Method 24 months on the lees, the first in the province of Pesaro. A very elegant wine with a great character.

"I realized that vines need to be respected and understood, because you can't make a good wine without a good grape".

Future projects? A Traditional Classic Method 60 months on the lees made only in the best vintages.

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