Clos De La Coulée De Serrant 2021
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Clos De La Coulée De Serrant 2021

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It is with it only an “appellation controlee” of 7 hectares only. Located on very stiff slopes, dominating the Loire, the vines resulting from the type of vine “chenin” have more than 35 to 40 years of average age; oldest having more 80 years give wood to make new vines carrying the originality of the place. Partly cultivated with the horse, or the hand, the average output is with 20/25 hectolitres per hectare (40 authorized). The ground far from thick, (20 with 40 cm on average) is on a red schist bottom obliques which drains the vines perfectly.

The orientation of the slopes is especially Southern/Southern East (thank you to consult the data sheet for more details). The grape harvest is done in 5 times out of 3 to 4 weeks to obtain the most coloured possible maturity and the most marked by the botrytis.

Wine making : out of barrel of 500 liters (never more than new wood 5%).

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Coulée De Serrant

Nicolas Joly and its vineyards

The Coulée of Serrant was planted at the 12th century (1130) by Cisterciens Monks and always remained in vine since. The year 2018 is thus the 888th consecutive vintage. The old small monastery which always forms part of the property is classified with the inventory of the historic buildings.

An AOC is marked by its soil and its microclimate. In order for the vines to perfectly seize these originalities, we have adopted rigorous vineyard management methods (since ‘84 all of the vineyards are biodynamic).

The 3 most important aspects of this method are: compost on the vines which comes from their cows, the natural cover crop composed by a dozen different species of interesting native plants have grown up around the vines and, last but not least, a minimal plowing of the soil (covering and uncovering the rows) to avoid mixing the different soil strata.

On the section worked by horses the vines are almost a century old and the soil is plowed completely.

Nicolas Joly, who is considered the father of byodinamic viticulture: "This is how to understand that agriculture can become an art again, the art of knowing how to comprehend and advisedly use the forces that give life to the Earth. This is above all the door that has been opened by biodynamics. And it is for this reason that it has developed so broadly, especially in viticulture, because it touches a passionate customer that is ever more sensitive to the truth of taste.

The truth of taste – a key concept that the wine press is strangely silent about, mute even, and for what reason do you suppose ?"

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